The University of Bucharest Berlin Campus


About The University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest is one of the leading higher education institutions in Romania and South-East Europe. Not only is it a pioneering academic center and a significant point of reference in the region, but it also adheres to principles of academic integrity, critical thinking, diversity, international collaboration and aims to actively contributing through research and teaching to the development and use of knowledge. The University has over 1000 professors and instructors and works with over 34,000 students. There are 19 faculties and over 50 departments.

The University is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Romania and the 150 years since its establishment, it has gained both national and international prestige. This was shown then the University of Bucharest became the first Romanian academic institution in the QS World University Rankings joining the likes of Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge.

The University of Bucharest offers a variety of study programs including bachelor degrees, PhD programs, as well as other academic programs such as Erasmus and long life learning. In addition, the University collaborates with more than 100 prestigious universities from 40 different countries around the world.

Academic Excellency in Higher Education at the University of Bucharest

The University's main objective is to offer a range of high-quality academic programs and research facilities. The University continues to work on maintaining and increasing its excellency in higher education and on moving to the forefront of academic research and teaching. With these standards, the University has become an important academic institution and part of a global intellectual community working towards protecting and reinforcing academic values.


Graduates and alumni from the University of Bucharest have gone on to contribute to public agenda setting and decision-making processes. They have contributed to international research in a variety of academic fields and there are University of Bucharest graduates acting as researchers and professors in many different universities and academies around the world. Many have become public figures, writers, politicians, members of parliaments, ministers, prime ministers, presidents and diplomats.